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'Novitiate': Maggie Betts on hiring almost exclusively female department heads

“Novitiate“ director Maggie Betts tells Los Angeles Times staff writer Mark Olsen the movie is supposed to be told from a “distinctly female point of view,” citing director Jane Campion as a childhood favorite when explaining the decision to hire almost exclusively female department heads on the film.

Olsen recently sat down to discuss “Novitiate” with Betts (“Engram,” “The Carrier”), actress Margaret Qualley (“The Nice Guys”) and actress Julianne Nicholson (“Black Mass”).

Set in the early 1960s, “Novitiate” tells the story of a young woman entering a convent that is struggling with the radical doctrinal changes brought by the Vatican II council.

Qualley plays Sister Cathleen, whose first love unfolds through her relationship with God, and Nicholson plays her mother, Nora Harris, who grows apart from her daughter after she wins a scholarship to a Catholic school.

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