Tour #4: 'Nonalcoholic Wassail'

Take 191/Linden Street south into Bethlehem and turn left on Butztown. Make a right on West and a left on Barry to see 1316. Check the porch upstairs for a warm scene.

Turn right on Lafayette, left on North, right on Covington and right on Easton Avenue. Just past Linford, turn right on Lincoln to see 2136 on your right. My judges loved it.

Turn left on Decatur and right on Jennings to get back to Linden, where you'll turn right. Turn left at Barnsdale/Butztown, enjoy 912 Barnsdale on your left and turn left on Barclay. Of all the spectacular houses on this route, judge Diana liked the elegant home in this cul-de-sac the best.

Continue on Barnsdale and turn left on Johnston. Watch for nice displays at 488 Johnston on your left and across the street. When you hit Center Street, turn left, then right on Macada. At the Jacksonville Road light, turn left and make your second left onto Sunset View. The astounding display at 1135 Sunset View* will take your breath away. Park and walk to get the full effect of the little pond, the lighthouse and all the other great details.

Get back to Jacksonville and turn left. When you hit Schoenersville, turn right; check out 1315 Catasauqua to your right.

Bear right onto Eighth Avenue, cross over Union Boulevard and make a right on Broad Street. Turn left on 15th, right on Budd (it's down a ways) and you'll gawk when you hit the end of the street at 235 Craig. I'm most taken with the flying sleigh and that incredible tree.

Return to Broad and turn left, looking left for another standout. At the Pennsylvania Avenue light, turn right. When you hit the Pinehurst light, turn right, bear right and turn right at the second Kensington. The dazzling display at 1963 Kensington* keeps growing, so you can almost overlook the hideous sight in the driveway.

Continue up Pennsylvania, turn right on Catasauqua Road and left on Aster. Make a left on Fleur and right on Cypress for 2115 and 2126.

Go back down Pennsylvania and turn right on Union Boulevard. In a couple of blocks, turn right on N. Van Buren. Nice display at 945. Go down the alley to admire the back yard.

Then continue into Allentown, where you can pick up the Yocco's Cheese Dog route.