Tour No. 6: Diana's Wassail

Take S. Fourth Street, Allentown, going south. Just before the KFC, turn left onto Brookdale, where you'll see 102-104, including a very nice side yard, on your right. Continue to Chapel, turn left, then right on Paoli to see a block of nice displays. Left on Albert, right on Juniata, and continue to 431 E. Juniata on your left. Make your next left and then turn right on Susquehanna. Just after passing Tweed on your right, turn left on Tweed -- they don't quite line up -- and gawk at the big display on the hill. Left again on Susquehanna. Just after you pass the trailer park on your right, turn right on Fairview and go to the bottom of the hill for a knockout display at 1240 S. Fairview. Turn right to get the full effect with the back yard. Then get back to Susquehanna and turn right. Just after you crest Gauff Hill and head down Broadway, turn left at Weil, left at Savercool and right on John to see 1770 Virginia, a classic. The house behind it is very nice, too.

Back to Broadway and turn left. Pass Hoffert on your left and turn left on Clewell. The 1000 block of Pawnee Street on your left is always well decorated, but the driving is so tight, you may want to park and walk it. Continue up Clewell, turn right on Cherokee, left on Mohican and left on Seneca for a nice block that includes 751 Seneca.

Continue through Fountain Hill on Broadway. At the Wyandotte Street/378 light, turn right. On your way down the hill, turn left at Seidersville. Cross over I-78, where it becomes Hickory Hills Road. Turn left on Kevin Drive and enjoy a beautiful neighborhood highlighted by 2039 Carolann Way. Go Eagles!

Continue on Hickory Hills, staying left where it splits. At Main Street, Hellertown, turn right and then left on Magnolia, just after the car wash. Turn left on Tobias. Tobias and Saucon features Santa in a hammock.

Back on Main Street, turn right. At the Crossroads Hotel, turn right on High Street. When you get to the display at 247 High, turn left and check out the back yard.

Take Main Street/412 north, around the curve and into south Bethlehem. At the Hayes Street light, make a sharp left and go back to the 1200 block of E. Third Street. It's fantastic.

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