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We are writing this letter in support of re-electing State Rep. Mike Harmon. Mike is a man who listens to families and individuals when help is needed. As some may remember, our mother passed away in May 2007 due to the negligence of a personal emergency response system company for seniors called Lifeline.

After our mother’s passing, Mike immediately held hearings in Frankfort with physicians, law enforcement, EMS, the attorney general’s office and others, which started the legislation for the eventual passage of the “Christine Talley Act.” This legislation was passed to protect seniors across the commonwealth. This critical legislation was coordinated with Sen. Tom Buford’s senate bill and with Rep. Bob Damron co-sponsoring.

Mike worked with Republicans and Democrats on this legislation because he knew the negligence from this PERS company that caused our mother’s death was not acceptable in the commonwealth. A resolution was filed in the 111th Congress to ask other states to adopt the same legislation as the “Christine Talley Act” and is currently being worked on in committee in Washington, D.C., by Congressman Brett Guthrie. So, with Mike’s help and working with Sen. Buford by getting this legislation passed in the commonwealth, seniors across the United States could all be protected in the future.

Mike Harmon is a representative who cares about families and seniors. Mike Harmon has been there for our family in a time of tragedy, and Mike Harmon has helped many other families when they needed help. We have personally witnessed Mike Harmon’s work in Frankfort, and we are proud to say that he gets the job done. We would encourage everyone to please re-elect a man who has proven that he can get the job done.
Jim Talley and family

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