Ann Curry status at 'Today' handled horribly by NBC News

NBC News used to be very good at handling major on-air change. The passing of the baton from

Tom Brokaw


Brian Williams

was textbook for how it should be done. But what NBC News President Steve Capus and his lieutenants are doing to

Ann Curry

as they let her twist in the wind at


is brutal.

It's been called "death by a thousand leaks," and after the career she's had as a journalist, the 55-year-old Curry deserves better.

Capus, you might recall, is the man who said he felt as if

Chelsea Clinton

had been preparing her whole life for her role as special correspondent at Williams' "Rock Center" newsmagazine.

As I say in the video, NBC News has every right to make the change at "Today," but they also have an obligation to do so professionally, I believe. What do you think?