Episode guide: Hours 13-16

It does contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

Hour 13: Noon-1 p.m.

Jack and Rick run away from the van, which is in flames. Several of Gaines' men have been hurt, but he just tells the others to cut Jack and Rick off.
Teri and Kim keep running down a creek bed like Jack told them. Rick complains to Jack about his arm, which was hit in the exchange of gunfire.
Teri and Kim decide to follow a different path using the satellite images on a PDA that Jack gave them.
Tony gives Nina some information on Gaines' land. He reassures Nina that Jack will be safe. She apologizes to Tony for being harsh.
Alberta tells Nina and Tony that Jamey's mother, Erica Vasquez, received $300,000 in the last four months. She tells them to question Vasquez, who is coming in to pick up Kyle.

12:07 p.m. -- Palmer argues with Novick about Ferragamo. Palmer wants to go to Maureen with the story.
Gaines talks to Drazen, who gives him a little more time to kill Jack. Gaines is with Kevin, who wants to leave.

12:10 p.m. -- Jack and Rick arrive at the water tower where he planned to meet Teri and Kim. He checks Rick's arm and says that the bullet passed through and didn't hit anything important, so Rick will survive. Jack then gets ready to leave to look for Teri and Kim, but reminds Rick that there will be consequences for him for kidnapping Kim even though he helped her later.
Teri and Kim are lost. Teri is very disoriented.

12:16 p.m. -- Palmer talks to Sherry. She thinks Novick is right and Palmer shouldn't go public with the story. She says the police will never prove they had anything to do with Ferragamo's death. He has doubts about whether he can run a country when he can't even manage his family affairs.
Jack calls Alberta and says he's going to find Kim and Teri. When Alberta tells him units are on their way to the water tower, he tells her to have them take Rick.

12:20 p.m. -- Jack runs back up the creek bed. Kim and Teri are surrounded by Gaines' men and hide out in an old shack. One of the men almost finds them, but is called back by Gaines. Teri is still holding her side in pain. Just when the women think they are safe, the man sees them through a crack in the wall, but Jack sees him first and shoots him.
Gaines starts yelling over the walkie-talkie, wanting to know who fired. Jack grabs the walkie-talkie and tells Teri and Kim they have to leave before Gaines catches on to what happened.

12:29 p.m. -- Vasquez (Jamey's mother) is angry about Jamey's death and questions Nina and Tony as they enter a small room to question her. They tell her Jamey was a traitor and she could be charged as an accomplice if she doesn't answer their questions. They look very uncomfortable while telling her this. They ask her about large deposits in her bank accounts, and she says they were from Jamey for Kyle in case anything ever happened to her. She doesn't know where the money came from.

12:31 p.m. -- Gaines figures out who's missing. Jack knows where everyone is because of the walkie-talkie, so he can stay one step ahead of them.
Palmer talks to Maureen in her hotel room about going public with the story about his son and Ferragamo. She says she left the network and tells him to leave it alone. He asks if she was threatened and promises to protect her. She says there's no point since the hospital papers with Keith's handwriting have been destroyed and Palmer's word isn't good enough to prove what happened.

12:35 p.m. -- Gaines finds the man Jack shot.
Nina and Tony figure out that the money in Vasquez's account came from Belgrade, where Jack's mysterious mission was.
Jack, Teri and Kim make it back to the reservoir by the water tower. Kim gets up to go get Rick in the water tower but almost gets shot by Gaines, who is using a sniper rifle. Jack leaves Teri and Kim to draw Gaines away from them.

12:41 p.m. -- Gaines starts shooting at Jack, and they also start to talk over the walkie-talkies. Jack finds a shiny piece of metal and blinds Gaines with it.

12:43 p.m. -- Palmer meets with Carl. Carl basically admits he had Ferragamo killed, but says Keith will be framed for arson if Palmer talks to a district attorney about Ferragamo as he planned. Palmer backs out of the meeting with the District Attorney, much to Novick's astonishment.

12:51 p.m. -- A helicopter from the CTU lands near the reservoir and soldier-types begin jumping out. Kim goes to the water tower to look for Rick, but he's gone.
Rick has run away through the woods and made it to a road.
Jack and Gaines stalk each other. Jack asks Gaines over the walkie-talkie how Palmer is related to Belgrade, but Gaines says he doesn't know. When Jack asks Gaines why his family was involved, Gaines says they wanted to make it personal. Jack has managed to sneak up behind Gaines. Gaines spins around to try to shoot Jack, but Jack kills Gaines first.
Rick gets on a bus.

12:57 p.m. -- Jack hugs Kim and Teri in the water tower. They get into a chopper and it flies away.
Alberta tells Nina that Jack and his family have been rescued. Nina tells her that there is still a strong threat against Palmer. They found that a second assassin has been paid through the same account that was used to pay Jamey.
A man gets into a car with a silver metal briefcase, puts on sunglasses and drives out of the garage.

Hour 14: 1-2 p.m.

Jack, Teri and Kim are in the helicopter on the way to the CTU. Alberta asks Nina who is in the chopper. Teri doubles over in pain and Jack asks her if something happened. She tells him her stomach's been bothering her. They land and an ambulance takes Teri and Kim to a health clinic to be checked out.
Alberta places Jack under house arrest until they can hand him over to the FBI. Jack asks Nina to go to the clinic and watch over Teri and Kim. She tries to get out of it, but Jack begs her. She doesn't look too pleased. Jack asks for a glass of water while he waits in the holding room.
Nina asks Alberta for an hour off to go home and clean up. Alberta denies the request and asks Nina to tell her what she really wants. Nina says Jack asked her to go to the clinic. Alberta notes the irony in Nina watching over Jack's family. She tells Nina to make sure Tony has everything he needs, then she can go.
Palmer wants to know if the incident at the breakfast hurt their ratings.

1:07 p.m. -- Palmer follows Sherry to the kitchen and asks what is on her mind. She says he needs to go out there today with his best face on. Palmer tells her he's dropping the Ferragamo issue because he's being blackmailed. Sherry gets upset and asks if Keith knows anything. Palmer says he doesn't and he won't.
Teri and Kim arrive at the hospital. The doctors are going to do an ultrasound to examine Teri. The doctor asks if there's anything Teri wants to say and she doesn't say anything, but Kim urges her to speak up. Teri tells the doctor she was raped. The doctor says they'll draw blood and do some tests and recommends that Teri see a psychologist. Teri says she wants to keep it confidential from her husband. The doctor reluctantly agrees.

1:15 p.m. -- Novick tells Palmer he needs to be seen in public with certain senators. Novick's worried that the Ferragamo situation isn't going to go away. Keith hears them and Palmer tells him there was a fire and Ferragamo died. Keith is confused and asks if Ferragamo was involved in leaking the story about the murder. Keith knows the truth and Palmer insists he let it go right away. Keith says that would be covering it up. He's angry and insists whoever murdered Ferragamo has to pay. Keith says the psychologist meant something to him and he wouldn't have made it without him. Palmer tells Keith he loves him and is doing what's best for him.

1:18 p.m. -- The FBI shows up at CTU. Alberta tells the agents where Jack is. Agent Ryan Chappelle tells Jack his name was on all the cases on his desk this morning and turns on a tape recorder. Jack tells the story.
Nina arrives at the clinic and walks into the room she thinks Kim and Teri are in. She asks an FBI agent where Teri Bauer is. The agent says he doesn't know. Someone tells her she was moved to Room 7. Nina walks in to their room and tells them she's there if they need anything. Teri asks Nina what's happening with Jack. Nina says he is being questioned. Nina says someone is picking up clothes for them at the house. She tells them they can't go home yet. Nina goes back to the empty room and the agents are no longer in there. She runs into two other agents in the hall and asks about the other agents. The agent tells her they are the only ones there. Nina runs down the hall.

1:29 p.m. -- Jack continues to tell his story while Chappelle questions him. Chappelle says Jack deviated from protocol and won't reinstate him. Jack says he never deviated from his original assignment. Jack demands to be allowed to help Palmer get through the day.
Nina calls Chappelle and asks to speak to Jack. He tells her they're handing him over to the justice department. Nina asks about Walsh's warning about insiders. Jack says someone had to have recruited Jamey. Nina tells him she's not sure Teri and Kim are safe at the clinic. She tells him not to worry.
Alberta asks Tony if he has new information. He says something about three shooters who entered the country three days ago.

1:33 p.m. -- An assassin, Alexis, spies on Kevin and the other survivors from the compound. Kevin calls Drazen and tells him Gaines is dead and they've arrived at the transfer point. Kevin says he can fix the plan. When he worked for the DEA in Florida he killed a witness no one else could find. Drazen's not interested in his offer.
The new assassin detonates a bomb and blows up all the survivors from the compound. Kevin is hurt in the explosion. The assassin walks right up to him and shoots him.

1:41 p.m. -- Alberta asks if Palmer should stand for the duration. Tony says he needs to get out of California now. Alberta asks Tony if he is satisfied as Number 3 at CTU. He says, "sure." She tells him he has too much talent for that position. He asks her what she wants. She wants him to tell Chappelle "the truth" -- that Jack should have dealt with the situation differently from the beginning, including bringing Tony in from the start.

1:42 p.m. -- Alberta comes in to debrief Jack. She asks him to tell her what she needs to know. He says he wants to be able to call his wife and daughter. Alberta won't allow it. He tells her what she needs to know and that Cofell died three hours ago.
Nina calls Tony. She tells him about the fake agents and asks him to send someone over immediately to check some prints.

1:44 p.m. -- Sherry approves some photos for a Time magazine piece. Keith tells her he's confused. She tells him they can't worry about Ferragamo right now. He wants to go to the police. He says he's made up his mind. She angrily tells him it's not his decision to make and says he needs to respect their decision. Palmer comes in and tells them they need to pack up their things and leave California immediately. They're going to an Air Force base in Nevada.

1:51 p.m. -- Tony gets a call from Alberta telling him Chappelle's ready for him. Chappelle tells him they have an important decision to make regarding Jack. Tony says he is not Jack's biggest fan and he doesn't like how he runs operations, but since midnight he won't disapprove of a single action Jack's taken.
The Palmers leave in a police motorcade. Nicole is supposed to meet them at the airport. Novick tells Palmer Jack was in the special forces and led a six-man team into Kosovo two years ago. Palmer says, "The Drazen Mission." Novick tells him Jack's the only one of the team who survived. Palmer says Jack must blame him for the loss of his team.
Elizabeth, a campaign worker, asks another campaign worker to give something to Palmer because she's not going with them. She gets in an elevator, gets out and knocks on a room door. It's the assassin, Alexis. They hug and kiss.
Nina has the phone checked for prints. There aren't any -- whoever used it was a professional.
Nina calls Alberta and asks to move Teri and Kim to the safe house right away. The doctor tells Teri she had an ovarian cyst that burst, but they also want to do a pregnancy test.
Nina comes in and tells them they have to leave right now. The doctor hands Teri the test in a bag and tells her to take it as soon as possible. They go out the back door and get into a car, but they're being watched.
Palmer walks into the CTU. Tony greets him. Palmer asks to see Jack.

Hour 15: 2-3 p.m.

Alexis Drazen and Elizabeth Nash are together in his hotel room.
Palmer tells Tony that he wants to talk to Jack. Tony calls Chappelle and says he can't stall Palmer much longer. Chappelle says to make him wait.
Milo talks to Tony about Alexis.

2:04 p.m. -- Nina, Teri and Kim are on their way to the safe house. Kim asks Teri what the doctor said, and Teri tells her that she had an ovarian cyst that burst, but she'll be fine.
Alberta interviews Jack. He asks about Teri and Kim and freaks out when Alberta tells him they were moved without him being notified. He demands to talk to Chappelle.
Elizabeth tells Alexis that she's going to Nevada with Palmer. He says he wants to go, too, and reads her travel itinerary while she takes a shower.

2:07 p.m. -- Palmer calls someone he knows in the Department of Defense. Chappelle walks into the room and explains to Palmer why he can't talk to Jack. Palmer's friend in the DoD calls Chappelle and tells him to let Palmer talk to Jack. Chappelle tells Tony to get Jack, and Palmer insists that all security surveillance equipment in the room be turned off when he talks to Jack.

2:10 p.m. -- Tony gets Jack, who apologizes to Milo for switching cards on him. Palmer clears the room so he is alone with Jack.
Palmer says he thinks that Jack wanted to kill him because Palmer authorized Operation Nightfall in Kosovo, which occurred two years ago to the day, and Jack lost a lot of men during the mission. Jack explains what happened at the assassination attempt and that his wife and daughter were kidnapped. Palmer looks surprised, but Jack assures him he can verify this story with other CTU employees.

2:16 p.m. -- Nina, Teri and Kim get to the safe house and are met by two CTU agents. Teri asks to use the bathroom, and Nina suggests they both clean up before she starts debriefing them.

2:18 p.m. -- Palmer tells Jack that he chaired a defense appropriations committee in the Senate. He was told of atrocities committed by Victor Drazen in Kosovo and they couldn't figure out a legitimate way of getting rid of him, so they decided to use a covert operation to take him out. Palmer set up the operation by calling Robert Ellis. Palmer calls Ellis, who is playing dice in a bar in New Orleans. Ellis says he's the only one who can connect both Palmer and Jack to Operation Nightfall, so it must be Drazen's group working against them. He begins to do research on a computer.

2:21 p.m. -- Teri looks at the pregnancy test, sighs and shakes her head.

2:22 p.m. -- Elizabeth Nash returns to the hotel with the rest of Palmer's staff. Sherry comes in and says they aren't going to Nevada. Elizabeth calls Alexis, who is meeting with Andre Drazen, and tells him they aren't going to Nevada. Andre notices a waitress and says she looks like Martina, and Alexis says their sister is dead.

2:24 p.m. -- Kim comes into Teri's bathroom looking for toothpaste and finds the pregnancy test. Teri tells her that she's pregnant and the baby is Jack's. Kim throws a fit, but Teri tells her it wasn't planned and that she's terrified. Kim looks sorry but Teri just goes back into the bathroom and slams the door.

2:31 p.m. -- Palmer, Jack and Ellis try to figure out who is after them. Milo helps them too. Ellis looks something up on a computer and says that a file is missing. A creepy-looking guy enters the bar in New Orleans, and Ellis pulls a gun out of his bag and sets it next to him. The creepy guy leaves the bar.

2:32 p.m. -- Kim and Teri eat. Teri tries to call Jack to tell him she's pregnant, but Tony says Jack is busy. Nina leads Teri to the living room of the house to interview her. Kim takes Teri's phone to her room and calls Rick. She tells him to turn himself in so he can get medical help, but he says he'll go to prison for the rest of his life for kidnapping. He asks Kim to try to cover for him.

2:36 p.m. -- Palmer tells Jack that it's funny that the assassination attempt has nothing to do with his candidacy, the primary or his race. Sherry calls and he tells her that he's at CTU trying to figure out who wants him dead. Palmer tells Jack that the call was about his son, and he hasn't always been there for Keith, even though Keith has always been there for him. Palmer says he hopes Teri and Kim are OK.

2:43 p.m. -- Milo gives Jack and Palmer printouts regarding Operation Nightfall. Palmer and Jack read that Drazen's wife and daughter were in "that bunker," and Jack says it's "an eye for an eye" and that's why they are after Teri and Kim.

2:48 p.m. -- Nina asks Teri about Rick, and they start talking about Kim. Teri asks Nina if Jack ever talked about her. Teri says Jack admitted that he had an affair while they were separated and realizes it was Nina. Nina admits it was her, but assures Teri that it was over before Jack went back to Teri. Teri says she needs to take a break.

2:53 p.m. -- Palmer says he needs to leave and Jack says he can't. Palmer tells Chappelle to let Jack go. Jack tells Chappelle that he doesn't want to be reinstated permanently but that he needs to be provisionally reinstated for the day to work on the case. Chappelle and Alberta let him go. Palmer says that he doesn't want to leave the state so they can flush out Drazen's people. Palmer apologizes to Jack for misjudging him and shakes his hand.

2:55 p.m. -- Nina questions Kim. Kim tries to cover for Rick by saying it was all Dan.
Jack calls Nina to tell her they're sending more protection for Teri and Kim, then asks to talk to Teri. Teri doesn't tell Jack she's pregnant, then tells Kim that she didn't tell Jack.

2:59 p.m. -- Ellis calls Jack and tells him he sent some files to Milo, but he can't figure out what the missing one is. As he's talking to Jack he gets up from the table and goes to the bathroom. While standing at the sink and talking on the phone, someone strangles him from behind with piano wire. Jack hears the scuffle over the phone.
Teri lays down on the bed in the safe house but looks very worried.

Episode 16: 3-4 p.m.

Ellis hits the floor as Jack speaks into the phone, asking him what happened. Someone searches Ellis's body. The killer picks up the phone and disconnects it.
Jack calls agent Watson and tells him something's happened to their floating agent, Ellis.
Milo interrupts Jack with news of the new assassin. He tells him it's Alexis Drazen, Victor's son.
Alexis gets a phone call from Elizabeth saying they're staying in town after all. He tells her he'll be back at the hotel by 4:30 p.m.

3:05 p.m. -- The safe house is surrounded by undercover agents. The phone rings and an agent takes it in to Teri. It's Jack. He says he has a feeling something's wrong. She says she's fine, but really needs to talk to him. He says they could talk now, but she says it's not the time nor the place. They hang up.

3:06 p.m. -- Palmer and his staff have a briefing about the assassins. Elizabeth sees Alexis' picture and panics. Palmer asks her what's wrong.
Nina questions Kim. Kim insists that she doesn't know where Rick is, but says she knows he helped them escape. Nina tells her that often people who are kidnapped start to sympathize with their captors.
Teri interrupts them. Kim takes a break while Teri and Nina prepare to finish up. Teri tells Nina that she won't hold it against her that she slept with Jack.
Nina asks Teri if Kim is withholding something about Rick. Teri says she's sure Kim would tell her if she knew anything.
Palmer calls Jack to tell him Elizabeth recognized Alexis and knows him intimately. Jack tells Palmer he lost contact with Ellis and that they should assume he is dead.

3:15 p.m. -- Kim calls Rick. She tells him she's really being pushed hard, but says she told the truth that he helped them. Rick tells her she shouldn't call him for awhile. A girl walks into the room and he hangs up on Kim. He tells the girl that it was a wrong number. She gets into bed and he pretends to fall asleep.
Nina asks Teri about Gaines. Teri says she doesn't know who that is. Nina asks Teri if she needs a break. Teri tells her to do her job and says things can get complicated when you sleep with your boss.
George Mason walks into Jack's office and says he's the new quarterback. Alberta Green has been sent back to her district. Mason tells Jack he knows why they want to kill him, but not why they want to kill Palmer. Jack tells him and also tells him about Elizabeth. He says Elizabeth has no idea who Alexis is. Jack wants her to keep her date so they can use her to plant a tracking device on Alexis.
Palmer calls Jack.

3:20 p.m. -- Keith walks into the room. Palmer apologizes to Keith and tells him he's going to earn his trust. They shake hands. Keith asks what the police had to say about Ferragamo. Palmer says they haven't called them yet because they need to deal with their security breach first. Keith gets upset again and tells his dad to just do the right thing.
An assassin finds the safe house and kills one of the undercover agents.

3:28 p.m. -- Jack asks Milo to help him with something. His terminal is blocked because Mason downgraded his privileges. Milo gets him better access. Jack asks him if anyone has accessed anything unusual. He tells Milo to start looking.
Nicole walks in on Keith shouting into the phone. He's arranging to meet Carl. He asks Nicole to help him get past the Secret Service.

3:31 p.m. -- Nicole reluctantly helps her brother by distracting the agent. Keith goes into another room, turns on the TV and slips out a second door.
Jack tells Mason about Victor Drazen and his two sons. Elizabeth is brought in. She tells him she'll cooperate in any way she can. She asks for a drink.
Mason starts questioning her as Jack gets her water. She says she met Alexis one month ago in Washington, D.C. Jack asks if she'd be willing to keep her appointment with Alexis and plant a tracking device.
Elizabeth doesn't ever want to see Alexis again.
Just as Mason is sending Jack out the door to go to the hotel, Elizabeth changes her mind.
A new agent questions Teri and Kim. They see a picture of Eli, and Teri becomes unresponsive. Kim says they knew him as one of the guards. She doesn't say any more.
An assassin enters the house and kills another agent.

3:41 p.m. -- Teri is not responding to any questions and is just staring off to space.
Kim announces that her mother needs a break. The agent goes to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee but notices something's amiss. He can't find the other agent. He grabs Teri and Kim and puts them into another room, instructing them to lock the door. The agent shouts at the assassin to come out, but another assassin attacks the agent from behind. Teri and Kim run out of the room and into the garage where they jump into a car and drive away. The agent shoots the second assassin. The first assassin jumps into his car and chases the women.
Jack prepares Elizabeth. Milo tells Jack they found Ellis's body.
Much to Jack's chagrin, Nina walks into the CTU. He asks why she isn't where he instructed her to be and she says there was no reason for her to be there. She tells Jack Nina and Teri were safe and the extra security is in place.
Teri and Kim continue to drive as the assassin chases them. Teri tries to lose him by pulling onto a dirt road at the edge of a canyon. Teri gets out of the car to check to see if they lost the assassin. Kim rolls down a window, but stays in the car. The car rolls over the ledge and down a hill. Then it explodes as Teri watches. She passes out.

3:52 p.m. -- Keith reaches the meeting place and approaches Carl. He yells at him about Ferragamo. Carl reminds him that Ferragamo betrayed his confidence. Keith says he wants justice. Carl tells him he's going to be blackmailed about Gibson and that he's in way over his head. Carl says there's physical evidence in Ferragamo's office that leads to Keith.
Keith walks away from Carl and pulls a tape recorder out of his pocket. He has the threat on tape.
Teri wakes up on the ground. She looks around, confused.

3:55 p.m. -- Teri wanders up to the road. A car pulls up and asks Teri if she's OK. Teri says she can't remember her name. The woman tells her to get into the car and says she'll give her a ride.
Kim wakes up in the grass. She's scraped and bloody, but seems fine. She crawls up the hill and starts shouting for her mom.