Episode guide: Hours 5-8

It does contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

Hour 5: 4-5 a.m.

Jack follows the police car with the shooter to a police station in Van Nuys.
Teri and Alan enter the hospital and ask about a teen-age girl in a car accident. The nurse says they have one, but they don't know her name. They look into an operating room and see it's Janet.
Jack calls Teri and finds out Kim was in North Hollywood.
Dan and Rick talk about the $20,000 they're being paid to kidnap the girls.

4:07 a.m. -- Palmer discusses Keith and Nicole with Sherry. He wants to tell Nicole the situation so she is prepared.

4:09 a.m. -- Jack asks Nina to find a CTU contact for the police, which turns out to be Ryan Sealey. Nina asks Tony for help, and he says he still doesn't trust Jack.
Jack convinces the cops to let him talk to the shooter, only to be stopped by Mason at the last second.

4:16 a.m. -- Rick wants to jump Gaines to save Kim, saying it's two on one. Dan says Gaines has a gun and they don't, and Kim will be killed anyway.
Gaines stuffs Kim in the trunk of his car after she bangs on the window in the back seat to attract attention.
Mason decides he will talk to the shooter.

4:19 a.m. -- Palmer calls Maureen and says he needs to meet with her.
Cops question Teri and Alan about Kim and Janet.
Jack calls Teri and asks her to talk to Janet as soon as she's out of surgery.
Mason gives up on the shooter, named Penticoff, saying he'll only talk to Jack. Jack whispers something in Penticoff's ear, and he flips out and demands to call his lawyer. We find out Jack is saying he will get Penticoff out of jail if he helps Jack find Kim.

4:23 a.m. -- After Jack is kicked out of the interrogation room, he finds an empty room and Penticoff calls him after reading his cell phone number off a piece of paper hidden in his mouth. Penticoff tells Jack he was supposed to get a phone call at 1806 San Fernando Road to get instructions on what to do with Kim. Jack calls Nina to have her trace the line.

4:29 a.m. -- Jack sweet talks a different cop, the dead officer's partner, into letting him talk to Penticoff again. Jack flips out again, wrestles with the cop and slips Penticoff a key card for the cell.

4:32 a.m. -- Alan and Teri find out that the doctors are relieving pressure on Janet's spine.
Palmer meets Maureen in a conference room in the hotel and tries to convince her to drop the story about Keith or reveal her sources.
She caves and tells Palmer that one of her sources is George Ferragamo, and she has a hospital form with Keith's handwriting and a fake name from the night of the murder. We learn that Nicole's rapist was killed the night of the attack by being thrown off a balcony, although he also had scratches and bruises not related to the fall.
Palmer threatens Maureen.

4:40 a.m. -- Palmer confronts Keith, who says his father has no right to ask him about it, implying that Palmer himself should have handled the rapist but was too busy working.
This seems to rattle Palmer and he leaves.
The cops realize Penticoff is gone.
Teri tells Alan that she received a note the day before that Kim was failing Algebra and had an argument with her. She now regrets it because it was the last conversation they had.
Alan promises to stay with Teri until they find Kim.
Mason uses satellite cameras to track Jack and Penticoff.

4:47 a.m. -- The call to Penticoff comes in on a cell phone stuffed in a pay phone, so it can't be traced.
Gaines tell Penticoff to get rid of a body in the trunk of a car.

4:53 a.m. -- Jack and Penticoff find the body of an unidentified man in the trunk just as Mason screeches up in another car. Jack tells Mason that people in the CTU are supporting the Palmer hit. The police take Penticoff back into custody, Mason goes to District and Jack drives off in the car with the body. He calls Nina about having someone examine the body to ID it. He tells her he'll be there in 10 minutes. Then he calls Teri and tells her he'll be at the hospital in 20 minutes.
Dan and Rick meet Gaines, who knows that Janet is not dead. When Dan starts to make excuses, Gaines shoots him.

4:59 a.m. -- The show ends with Janet crashing in the operating room.

Time warp: Palmer woke Maureen up when he called and she said she needed 10 minutes to get dressed. Not only did she get dressed, she wore a perfectly pressed suit, her hair and make-up were perfectly done and she was even wearing jewelry.

Hour 6: 5-6 a.m.

The doctors are trying to revive Janet in the hospital. Jack calls Teri and says he'll be there soon. He warns Teri not to let anyone near Janet because she's in danger.
Jack and Nina meet and he tells her that Janet's accident is related to the attempt on Palmer's life.
Tony is following Nina around and she tells him to stop following her, saying "If I need your help, I'll ask for it."

5:04 a.m. -- Gaines tells Rick to bury Dan. Kim goes to Rick for help. She tells him that they need to escape. He snaps at her.
Sherry walks into a room and sees Carl. She asks him how he got past Secret Service. He says David asked him to come. David tells Carl his son lied to him. He says Keith was involved in the death and Carl covered it up by altering the hospital records. Carl says the night Gibson raped Nicole, Keith went to see Gibson. He said Gibson pulled a knife. Keith told Carl it was an accident. Since the boy was white, Carl says it would have ruined David's career, so he helped cover it up. David says he doesn't want Carl anywhere near him or his family. Carl tells David to go ask Sherry about it. David says she didn't know anything. Carl asks him how he thinks Keith found him.

5:14 a.m. -- Kim grabs a shovel and helps Rick dig the hole in which to bury Dan. Rick tells her he didn't know anyone was going to get hurt. She tells him he can keep feeling sorry for himself or he can help her figure out a way out of it.
Jack tightens security at the hospital. He shows up and kisses Teri. Jack tells her that somebody doesn't want Janet to talk. Teri introduces Jack to Alan and Jack immediately begins to question Alan. Teri gets mad at him for treating Alan like a suspect. Somebody tries to get through security and Jack assaults him. It turns out to be a visitor.

5:24 a.m. -- Sherry wants to know what Carl wanted. David says he knows about Keith and that she sent him to Carl. Sherry says Carl's feeding him a story. David says she's the one with the story. She says she did what she thought was right. David wants to know if Nicole knew, too. Sherry says they were protecting him. He asks if she means protecting him or protecting her chance to move into the White House. She says she's just as ambitious as he is. Sherry wants to know if David's prepared to send his son to jail and David walks out of the room. He goes and wakes his Chief of Staff, Mike Novick.
Jack sees Alan trying to leave and asks him where he's going. He says he's going to see Janet because they moved her to the ICU. Jack says he owes Alan an apology. Alan says he understands.
Nina calls to say she found some information on the John Doe Jack found in the trunk.

5:27 a.m. -- Kim and Rick are still digging. They start talking about Dan and Janet. Kim says she wishes her mom were there. She asks Rick how to get out of there and Gaines walks up. He tells Kim it's time to go. As they leave, he warns Rick that his friend had better be in the ground when he gets back.
Nina is tracing the guy in the trunk. She asks Jack how Teri is and he snaps at her.

5:29 a.m. -- Teri apologizes to Alan for Jack. She tells him she doesn't always know what he does at work. Jack tells Teri to take a walk with him. He tells her about the David Palmer plot and how Kim is related. She gets upset and wants to know what the assassins want. Jack promises her that they'll get Kim back. Alan looks at them and scowls.

5:37 a.m. -- Jamey says she's about to get some information from the key card. Nina tells her she said that two hours ago. She said Jack wants Jamey to help identify the body, and she's going to get Milo to work on the key card. Jamey says Milo's an outside contractor. Nina says that's why they can trust him.

5:39 a.m. -- David tells Novick about the situation and he tells David that he's "textbook unelectable." Novick thinks if they handle it right they could come back from it. He tells David he's the most important presidential candidate in history. David wants to know how they can all justify covering up the crime. Novick says "You didn't know." David responds, "What's that say about me?" Novick says David has to come out with the story himself before Maureen. David says he doesn't know how his family will feel about that. Novick tells him he'd better find out.

5:42 a.m. -- The doctor tells Teri, Alan and Jack that Janet suffered multiple fractures. Jack wants to ask Janet a few questions. The doctor says she's not comfortable with interrogation, but it's up to the father. Alan says he wants to go in first. Jack tells Teri that the three of them should take a vacation this summer. His phone rings and someone tells him to do what he says if he wants to see his daughter again. It's Gaines. He tells Jack to smile at Teri as if nothing's wrong and walk away or Kim gets a bullet in her head. Jack's being watched on the security cameras. Alan tricks the doctor into letting him go into the room alone. He walks in and Janet says, "daddy." Then she asks who he is and where her father is. Alan grabs her respirator and struggles with Janet until she dies.

5:51 a.m. -- Jack's in the garage. Gaines tells him to get into a silver Taurus and open the glove box. Jack wants proof that Kim's alive. Gaines puts her on the phone and she tells Jack that they haven't hurt her. He tells Jack to open the silver box, put the wire in his ear and throw his cell phone out the window.

5:54 a.m. -- Alan scares Teri when he comes up behind her and makes up a story that Janet doesn't know what happened to Kim. Teri tries to get through to Jack, but only gets his voice mail. She leaves with Alan.
Rick buries Dan.
Gaines and Kim return. Kim tells Rick they're going to be OK because she spoke to her dad and he'll get them out.

5:57 a.m. -- Teri and Alan are in his car. She notices cuts on Alan's wrist and asks when he got them. He says he got it at the furniture store. She says "no." Then, her cell phone rings and it's Nina. Nina wants to know where Jack is and Teri says she thought she just spoke to him. Nina says she's calling to tell Jack the name of the murder victim and asks Teri to give Jack the message. The name is Alan York.

Hour 7: 6-7 a.m.

Jonathon is dying his hair and putting in colored contacts while looking at a picture of the photographer's ID Mandy stole on the plane. He then meets with Gaines, who says the man will see Sen. Palmer in an hour.
Jack is being followed while driving. He's talking with Gaines through an earpiece the terrorist gave him. Gaines left a keycard in Jack's car's visor to switch with the one at the CTU.
Nina talks to Milo, an outside contractor, about the information on the keycard. He says it's a list of plastic surgeons, but probably contains information about the assassin somewhere.

6:05 a.m. -- Palmer finds Keith, who is out jogging. The senator says he is going to tell the media the whole story at a breakfast at 7 a.m. Keith again lays on the guilt about his dad focusing on his career and laughs when Palmer says they're a family.
Kim looks really bad. She tries to devise a plan to escape with Rick, who thinks Gaines will let him go once he's finished burying Dan. Kim says Gaines would never let him go and will probably kill him.

Jack arrives at the CTU. Nina tells him that the corpse in the car is Alan York and that they had a breakthrough on the keycard. When Gaines hears this (through the earpiece) he says Kim and Teri will die if the CTU finds out what's on the keycard.
Gaines calls Kevin, the person posing as Alan York, to tell him Jack knows he's not Alan. Teri, who knows this as well, pretends she's going to be sick, so Kevin stops the car. She stumbles out and runs away. When Kevin gets out to look for her, she hits him over the head with a rock. They struggle, he throws the keys to the car into some bushes, and she knocks him out with the rock.

6:17 a.m. -- Teri ties Kevin to a tree with a belt and jumper cables. She can't get a signal on her phone.
After Rick tells Gaines he's finished burying Dan, Gaines says he has more for Rick to do and he can't go.

6:19 a.m. -- Milo is still working on the keycard. Gaines tells Jack he has three minutes to switch the cards or his wife or daughter will die. Jack tries to write a note to Nina, but Gaines sees him through security cameras in the CTU and tells him to shred the note. Nina comes into Jack's office to tell him they're close to solving the keycard mystery, but Jack tells her to tell Milo to stop working.

6:21 a.m. -- Nicole is watching a news broadcast about her dad in the hotel. Palmer asks her if her mom told her what is going on. She says yes and asks if Keith is going to jail. Palmer says no, but that she'll probably be asked about the rape at the breakfast. Nicole says she was getting over the attack, which happened seven years ago.

6:24 a.m. -- Jack talks to Milo and spills a cup of nuts Milo had been eating. While Milo tries to clean up his desk, Jack switches the keycards.

6:29 a.m. -- Milo realizes something happened with the card, but Jamey helps him fix it.
Teri tries to flag down a car. Kevin tells her that unless he checks in with Gaines every half hour Kim will die.

6:31 a.m. -- Gaines tells Jack to call Palmer's Secret Service chief to get clearance for the breakfast.
Kim, who is locked in a shed, tries once again to convince Rick that they need to escape. Rick agrees and begins to sketch out the compound they are in on the floor with a piece of chalk. The guard outside interrupts them, so Kim grabs Rick and pretends he's attacking her. Rick tells the guard to give him five minutes, and the guard leaves. Rick says he'll leave the door unlocked and distract Eli so Kim can escape.

6:36 a.m. -- Milo's code begins to screw up again, and Nina gets suspicious. They figure out the keycard got switched, and Milo suspects Jack. Nina asks Jack about it, and he lies that Division didn't trust Milo with the information. Nina demands that Jack give her the card. He starts to hand it to her, then fumbles it and pulls a gun on her. He takes a jacket out of a cabinet for her to wear to conceal the gun, which he has pointed at her back. They begin to walk out of the building, but Tony stops them to ask them where they are going. They say they are going to a briefing, and Nina will come back in an hour and share the information at a meeting.

6:42 a.m. -- A man in scrubs finds Jack's phone at the hospital and answers it. It's Teri trying to call Jack. The man offers to call the police for her and she hangs up. Teri calls the CTU and Jamey answers. Teri tells her Kim is kidnapped and she's stuck on Mulholland one mile east of Coldwater. Jamey writes the location down and says she'll send CTU agents to get her.

6:43 a.m. - Palmer is getting ready for the breakfast. Sherry suggests that they try to blackmail Maureen rather than go public with the story about Keith and Nicole. He's not receptive to the idea.
Rick talks to Eli about working for Gaines so Kim can get out of the shed. Eli says that Gaines is an OK boss as long as you do what you're supposed to do. He then asks Rick if Kim was good and begins to approach the shed himself, when Rick reminds him they're supposed to be unloading a truck. Rick then says he forgot his keys, meets up with Kim at the compound's perimeter and they start to dig a hole under a fence to escape.

Two cars arrive where Teri is and men begin to untie Kevin. Teri starts to freak out and asks who they are as they place a black bag over her head and drag her into one of the cars.

6:48 a.m. -- Jamey scribbles over Teri's location she had written down and throws the paper away. CTU mole revealed. Tony asks her to pull the security video from Jack's office from the last 10 minutes.

6:49 a.m. - Nina is driving Jack's car while Jack keeps a gun on her and Gaines gives him directions. She starts to ask Jack a bunch of questions and almost rear ends a car.

6:54 a.m. - Jack and Nina arrive at a field on a hill with oil wells. Gaines tells Jack to shoot Nina. He drags her out of the car. She keeps screaming at him and asking him what's going on. He apologizes to her and we hear gunshots. Jack lets Nina fall off an embankment and we see her lying on the ground motionless. Jack then gets back in the car and drives away, looking like he's trying not to throw up.

6:57 a.m. - Kim starts to crawl under the fence, but stops when she hears her mom screaming. Teri has been brought to the compound. She tells Rick to go, but she is going to stay to try to help her mom. Rick stays, too, and puts Kim back in the shed.
Tony watches the security tape of Jack holding a gun to Nina. Then he says, "Why did he give her a flak jacket?" We see Nina get up, look at the bullets stuck in her flak jacket and walk away.

Time warp: Rick had requested five minutes with Kim, Eli told him he had four, but gave him nine.

Hour 8: 7-8 a.m.

The assassin, Jonathan (disguised as photographer Martin), arrives at the power plant where Palmer will be giving his speech.
Sherry asks Palmer what he's decided. He says he's going to tell them the truth about Keith, that seven years ago he was involved in an accidental death. Sherry tells him she'll never forgive him if something happens to her son. Keith walks in and says he's going to the speech, but his sister went to the airport to pick up some friends. Keith says he's going to go to prison and he tells his dad that he's living a fairy tale. He says he'd prefer not to spend his last hour with his dad.
Jonathan is greeted by Jessica, Palmer's press assistant. She says she's a huge fan of his. Security clears him.
Teri is brought in to Gaines. Gaines is still speaking to Jack and tells him to pull over at a bus stop where a man walks over to the car and puts a briefcase in Jack's front seat. Gaines lets Teri talk to Jack for a few seconds. Gaines tells her she'll be released within the hour if Jack follows instructions. She asks to see Kim.

7:08 a.m. -- Jamey walks into Milo and he wants to know about the keycard. She tells him to help her format files. He says he wasn't brought in at 5 a.m. to do that. Jamey goes into the bathroom and receives an instant message from Gaines on a PDA. He wants to know if Milo knows he's working on the wrong keycard. She says she can handle it. He tells Jamey Nina's dead and she needs to make up a story for her absence.

7:11 a.m. -- Kimberly and Teri are reunited.

7:15 a.m. -- Kim asks where Jack is and if he knows they're in trouble. She tells her mom she's sorry. Teri says it's not her fault. Kim tells Teri she met the boys through Janet. She tells her mom that Janet was hit by a car. Teri says she knows and promises they'll get through it.

7:17 a.m. -- Nina breaks into a building and tries to call Jamey, but she doesn't pick up. Then she calls Tony and tells him she's east of downtown. Nina orders Tony to get Jamey for her.
Tony catches Jamey lying about Nina. She says she talked to her a couple minutes ago. Tony decides not to give the phone to Jamey and tells Nina what she said. Nina tells him that she can't be trusted because Jack said the CTU had been infiltrated. She tells them they are being watched through their own surveillance.
Palmer and Sherry arrive by limo at the power plant. Jack is also there with the briefcase. Gaines tells Jack all he has to do is get through security. He is told to open the case. It's a laptop. He tells security that all his files on Palmer are in there. He turns it on and is cleared. Jack enters the room and asks where Palmer is now. Jessica, Palmer's assistant, spots Jack and gives him a big hug. Apparently, she's an old friend from high school. Jack gets away from her.
Palmer and Sherry enter. Jack is standing in front of them glaring at Palmer. Palmer notices Jack.

7:29 a.m. -- Kim is asleep in Teri's arms. Rick walks in and Teri tries to hit him. She accuses him of kidnapping her daughter. Eli walks in and tells him not to make friends because they won't be around much longer.
Jack runs into Jessica again. He tries to write down a warning, saying it's his phone number, but realizes he's still being watched so he puts it in his pocket and gets away from her again. He shows the Secret Service his I.D. He walks into Medical Station 3 and is told to wait there by Gaines.
Nina arrives at the CTU by cab. Tony is waiting for her in an area not on camera. She tells Tony what's going on and he's mad that she didn't tell him. She says she was acting on orders. Tony tries to call the Secret Service to alert them.
Jonathan meets Jack and tells him to assemble a weapon. Jack says he knows it's because they want his prints on the weapon and asks Jonathan if anyone is going to believe he shot Palmer. Then, he points a gun at Jonathan's head and Jonathan tells him to put it away or someone might get hurt.

7:41 a.m. -- Tony is still walking around the CTU and Jamey is nervously watching him. He tells Milo the keycard is not the original one so Jamey can hear him. Milo wants to know why the keycard is forged.
Watching the cameras, Nina sees Jamey squirm.
Tony calls the Secret Service and warns them that Jack's a threat. He tells them to take the appropriate actions.
Jamey goes back to the bathroom and Tony follows her. He has 20 seconds because the cameras are on a loop. Tony grabs Jamey and brings her to Nina.

7:44 a.m. -- Palmer is talking to the factory workers. The Secret Service tells him they got a call from CTU and asks Palmer to leave. He says he'll drop the face time but he still needs to do his speech. He refuses to leave. The agent tells the other agents that they must locate and retain the suspect.
Nina asks Jamey what's going on. Jamey denies everything. Nina tells her she's going to be charged with murder and treason. Jamey says she won't tell who her contact is. She says she was only supposed to tap into the surveillance, but then they made her send messages from inside. Jamey says she needs to talk to someone. She says she won't say anything until she gets agency council. They cuff her.

7:52 a.m. -- Teri tells Kim she loves her. Kim says Teri's scaring her because it sounds like she knows something bad is going to happen.
Palmer takes the stage.
Gaines tells Jack to step out. He says, "we're ready for you." Jack asks, "to do what?" Gaines tells him to relax and it will be over in five minutes. Then, Jack is told to go stand next to Jonathan. He is supposed to take the weapon after Jonathan shoots Palmer.
Jack is walking toward Jonathan when a Secret Service agent spots him and tells him to come with him. The agent shouts, "gun," Palmer is removed from the premises and Gaines wants to know if Jack "screwed him." Jack shouts, "I'll help you, just don't hurt my family." The agents tackle him to the ground.
Jamey calls Gaines and says the CTU ordered Jack's arrest at the power plant because he's been breaking protocol all night.
Teri and Kim are dragged out and guns are held to their heads. Gaines buzzes Eli and tells him to stop because they still need them alive.
Jack is lead away in cuffs.