13 things to do on Halloween that have nothing to do with Halloween

1. Cook a Thanksgiving feast. Think of it as a dry run for the real thing, which is less than a month away.

2. The idea of heading to the MCI Center to see Britney Spears with O-Town was apparently so scary that they even chickened out. The show has been postponed until December.

3. Go to the Lyric and stomp your feet to Riverdance. Don't worry, there are costumes, but no monsters in the form of Michael Flatley.

4. If you don't have a fear of domesticity, catch up on your Martha Stewart "Good Things" to do. Make ice cubes out of coffee, wrap presents in embroidered handkerchiefs and press flowers to use in a photo frame.

5. Grab a broom ... and spend the night cleaning all those wicked dust bunnies hiding under the furniture. If you let them get too big, they will attack.

6. Skip the "Great Pumpkin," which you've seen 13 times, and tune in to guilty pleasures like "Dawson's Creek," "Ed" and "The West Wing."

7. Go to the first nighttime screening of any non-kid related movie. Chances are you'll have the run of the house.

8. Learn the words to God Bless America. Your show of patriotism will impress all your friends and will come in handy at any future sporting events.

9. Sprinkle tinsel around the house, mull some cider, play carols and watch "A Christmas Story." If you do it now, you won't care that you're too busy to do it during the holidays.

10. Be the first at the video store to rent "Animal," and witness cutie Colleen Haskell's big screen debut. Now, if it had been Richard Hatch, that would've been terrifying.

11. Instead of putting on a costume, play dress-up. Go to your favorite store, purchase a "special occasion" outfit, put it on and take yourself out to dinner.

12. Take a hike and hug some trees. The woods don't have to be a scary place. Think of them as a kaleidoscopic sanctuary as you collect the last colorful leaves of the season.

13. Nosh on your favorite candy (from the stash you didn't put out for trick-or-treaters), think sweet thoughts and go to bed early in order to escape the egging, begging, toilet-papering and doorbell-ringing going on outside.