Baltimore bars offer drink specials

The Baltimore Sun

In the middle of an earthquake, some people might think to evacuate, or to crouch in a doorway, or to tweet a joke about where you were when THE EARTHQUAKE struck.

Some bars and restaurants see a golden, God-sent even, juicy marketing opportunity. Already the Power Plant Live bars are offering earthquake drink specials.

"It's Tremor Tuesday at Power Plant Live!" the Inner Harbor venue said in a tweet. "$2.50 domestics tonight at Mex..Let's shake things up a bit." Original! Also? $2.50? The earth shook and you can't even offer a beer for a buck?

One can only imagine the rationale: Let's not go crazy. It was only 5.8.

Not to be outdone, the Rams Head Group tweeted: "Please join us for AFTERSHOCK Happy Hour!!"

Who else have you seen plugging their bars' earthquake specials?

More bar specials: No Idea gleefully status updated unspecified earthquake specials and Alonso's & Loco Hombre will offer half off shaken drinks after 4 p.m. Tuesday night.

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