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Baltimore episode of 'Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern' to air March 25

The "Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern" episode featuring Baltimore will air on Monday, March 25 at 9 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

Here is the episode synopsis from the Travel Channel:

"There's a long line of tradition on the menu when Andrew Zimmern visits Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay.  From learning how to skin a muskrat from a local champion, to hauling in pots of fresh eels, to selling produce from a horse-drawn carriage, Zimmern puts in some hard work to get a taste of this part of Maryland. Steamed blue crabs, fresh grilled eel, Korean blood sausage, and barbecued muskrat are just a few of the tasty treats Zimmern gets to try!"

Zimmern came to Baltimore last June with the crew of "Bizarre Foods America," the domestic version of his long-running travelogue series. Zimmern Tweeted out a steady diary of his visit to Baltimore and the Eastern Shore, and openly discussed his itinerary with the local press.  

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