BGF member speaks about attempts to infiltrate city government

Buried at the bottom of today's CityPaper article about the Black Guerrilla Family gang is an eye-opening interview with an anonymous member, spelling out the gang's goal of infiltrating city government by masquerading as an anti-drug, black empowerment movement.

For anyone following the case, the statements aren't surprising - federal agents had said as much in the original court papers, and The Sun in 2009 obtained a copy of the gang's "Black Book", which was endorsed by a former FBI agent and a two-time mayoral candidate and city schools administrator, among others, and was nudged under the nose of then-Mayor Sheila Dixon's education liaison.

But Van Smith's interview with "Sam" lays bare the gang's intentions, in to-the-point terms:

Later in the conversation, though, Sam says DEA-SIG’s investigation put a stop to something that could have become truly insidious—a gang masquerading as a do-gooding organization supported by the city’s political class.
“We were getting ready to take it to a whole different level,” he recalls. 
“The streets would have provided the money. We would have got the city to provide grant money. If it had worked,” Sam speculates, “that s--t would have gone in the f---ing history books, and Baltimore would have been a city where every f---ing mayor and every f---ing councilman is corrupt. That’s what that s--t would have been. That’s the direction it was going."