Birk releases video opposing Maryland same-sex marriage

Ravens center

Matt Birk

officially jumped into Maryland's same-sex marriage scrum today, releasing a

that supports traditional marriage.

"Marriage is more than what adults want for themselves, it is about the next generation," says Birk, looking straight into the camera. "Gay and lesbian couples already receive benefits in Maryland, like hospital visitation, state health benefits and tax breaks. We don’t need to redefine marriage."

In Maryland there are roughly 100 district rights that come with a marriage certificate, according to gay activist who are pushing for same-sex marriage. The state already recognizes same-sex marriages performed elsewhere like Washington, D.C.

. The football player released a separate video on Monday supporting an anti-same-sex marriage campaign in his home state of Minnesota.

Supporters of same-sex marriage also have a Ravens spokesplayer --

Brendon Ayanbadejo

. The linebacker has cut a video for Marylanders for Marriage Equality and plans to


in Federal Hill next week to collect cash for the cause. Gov.

Martin O'Malley

will be there.


Ayanbadejo, who is straight, has long supported same-sex marriage - he believes marriage is a human right, and couples should have access to it.