Brady Anderson: The magazine piece...and more

If you haven't already read my Sun Magazine article on Brady Anderson and his new role with the Orioles, get to it, because over the next few days we're going to be including some of the outtakes and bonus material from my lengthy interview with Brady earlier this month at spring training in Sarasota, Fla.

Anderson was forthcoming on a lot of subjects, but space limitations did not allow us to cover everything in one article, so I'm going to put up a series of blog items expanding on several subjects, including his relationship with Brian Matusz, more of his thoughts on his 50-homer season in 1996 and quotes on a variety of subjects related to what he's doing as Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations.

Later today, I'll give you Brady's version of the events that led to his decision not to have an appendectomy that would have cut weeks out of his 50-homer season. So stay tuned.

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