Collared: Sadie Bean

NAME: Sadie Bean OWNER: Samantha and Scott HOW THEY MET: Fell in love at a breeder in Hershey, Pa. She was the hardest to catch. AGE: 20 months HOME: Baltimore BREED: Yorkshire Terrier BEST TRICK: Yorkie twirls. As many as seven in a row when we get home from work. FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Pouncing. Running through the grass and stalking the squirrels in Patterson Park. FAVORITE FOOD: Sweet peas. FUNNIEST MOMENT: Any attempt to jump onto something high. Also an overly excited encounter with a [recently cleaned] glass patio door. The door won. HOLD ME CLOSER TINY PRANCER: She's a terrific prancer. Likes to sleep with owners, under the covers. Has been known to spoon. Prefers the driver's side view in the car. Has a serious dislike for the "other dog" that lives in the bedroom (in a mirror) and she gets frustrated with TV dogs that don't want to play with her. IF SADIE HAD A MOTTO FOR LIFE, IT WOULD BE: More belly rubs, please!
Handout photo, Baltimore Sun
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