Glimpsed at a holiday party: Sascha Wolhandler

Sascha Wolhandler jokingly describes both her age and her style the same way: "aging prom queen." We think the owner of Sascha's 527 Cafe and Sascha's Catering style actually fits the term used to describe her businesses: "saucy." The Fells Point resident always has fun with her outfits, and attending her friend Curt Decker's holiday party at his Mount Vernon home was a perfect example of that. Wolhandler modeled a red plaid poet's shirt from the Ralph Lauren Rugby store in New York City's West Village with a black glitter Alythea miniskirt she bought at a boutique in West Hampton, N.Y. She added black tights and a pair of black suede platform wedges she picked up at Barney's New York. She bought her garnet glass bead and rhinestone necklace years ago in Mougins, France, and her red rhinestone chandeliers were a gift from her husband and business partner, Steve Suser. When it comes to her must-haves, Wolhandler doesn't hesitate. "If I was on the Titanic and it was sinking, I'd grab my lipstick, my earrings and my high heels."
Photo by Colby Ware, Special to The Baltimore Sun
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