Glimpsed at Work: Kerri Pine

We immediately loved the fact that Kerri Pine paired a Gap jeans jacket with a multi-colored sundress from Loft. FYI folks, this is how you're supposed to rock this look. Her Steve Madden sandals gave the look a California-chic vibe that has been so popular in recent years. Toss it up to her sense of style, which she describes as “fashion-forward.” She added: “Good style means mixing different types of style. Just do it. Mix highs with lows.” We loved her slew of jewelry. From earrings from Etsy to the Michael Kors watch and Marc Jacobs ring that she purchased at Bloomingdales, she had a good sense of how to mix and match different accessories. We also loved the Louis Vuitton purse she purchased at Towson Town Center.
Photo by Colby Ware, Special to The Baltimore Sun
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