Cat Reinheimer

(collection opens Saturday night’s show) Age of designer: 32 Where designer is from: Annapolis, Md Where designer lives now: Annapolis, Md Describe your line in 10 words or less: 1950-1960s inspired with a modern, feminine city girl attitude. What is the inspiration for this line? The last time I was in New York I was in Times Sq. sketching and having a coffee waiting for friends. I thought about my great Aunt, a New Yorker who worked in the Garment District of NYC in the 1950s-1960s as a lingerie designer. I thought about what she would have worn, what fashion was like at that time, and the concept for my collection evolved from there. I wanted it to be feminine and classic with a nod to the past. Which famous designer do you respect most? Why? I admire so many for so many reasons. I think Michael Kors is a classic and chic ready-to-wear American designer as for couturier designer Valentino is genius and High end designer hands down is Balenciaga. I want to own every piece I have ever seen from Balenciaga....flawless! Tips to finding the right fabric? Natural fiber fabric is wonderful and machine wash and dried but sometimes it is hard to find what you need in a natural fiber but I try to use non-dry-cleaning fabrics whenever possible! Fabric in this area is difficult to come by. But I just shop constantly and keep an out and buy it when I find it. Even if I don't know what I will make with it at the time. I have shelves and shelves of fabric and when an idea comes to me I refer to my collection of fabric!
Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun
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