Coffee time

Today is brought to you by coffee. Yesterday, too. Where would we be without coffee? Probably still in bed. That first cup at home wakes us up, gets us feeling a little better about things. Before we get to work, a pit stop at Starbucks -- better yet, our favorite local cafe -- is in order. Baltimore's coffee scene is booming, from new high-end shops like Lamill in the Four Seasons Hotel, to the infamous $13 cup of coffee at Spro in Hampden and other high-end java. That's not to mention all the new brewing methods, some of which look like they belong in a laboratory. And who could forget the Java Divas, the ever-so-saucy baristas who work out of a small shed in Pasadena and a mobile cafe in Severna Park? So pour yourself a cup as we peer into the city's coffee scene.
J.M. Giordano, For The Baltimore Sun
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