Los Angeles Times

Ami Dang

Electronic musician Ami Dang was sharing a two-bedroom apartment in Hampden when she emailed Britton Powell, of the band Humes, about booking a show together. Powell invited Dang over to his place in the old Coward Shoe Building downtown on Howard Street, and mentioned he had a room or two to rent there. Curiosity piqued, Dang and her roommate decided to move in last May. There, Dang has her own bedroom, and shares a kitchen, living area and rehearsal spaces. As a whole, the living space is large and sparsely decorated, but Dang's bedroom is a burst of color. "It's been an adjustment to live in a warehouse, but it's really nice to have all this space," Dang said. "It's a step up from living in a stuffy, carpeted two-bedroom apartment. Then again, I'm living with six other people and sharing a kitchen. We only have one shower with hot water. That actually hasn't been so bad. We don't actually fight for the bathroom, which is really good."J.M. Giordano, Photo for The Baltimore Sun