Distance from Baltimore: 821 miles, about a 5-hour flight (with stop) Why it's hot: Bermuda has a moderate climate, but it can be too cool to swim in winter. Instead, head for the greens to take a swing - take your choice, either golf or tennis. Still, Horseshoe Bay Beach and Jobson's Cove are not to be missed if a relaxing day in the sand surrounded by gorgeous views is what you’re after. Explore the Botanical Gardens, 36 acres of Bermuda's vibrant flora before visiting the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute to further your knowledge of the island’s creatures and wrecks. Witness the Gombeys, the dancing and drumming troupes that perform throughout the island. Don't miss: Saint George. If you’re looking to soak in the historic side of Bermuda, this is the place to go. At the Bermuda National Trust Museum, learn about Bermuda's part in the American Civil War. Visit St. Peter's Church, completed in 1612, which is the oldest Anglican church in the western hemisphere that is in continuous use. Information: Visit
Michelle Deal-Zimmerman, Baltimore Sun
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