Collared: Louie

Louie, a standard poodle from Bel Air, loves the O's ¿ and he's no fair-weather fan. His owners, Jim and Peg Goodson, report that his best trick is playing catch with his baseball, "especially when we are watching the Orioles." The Goodsons found Louie through a breeder 12 years ago: "He was one of 11 puppies -- and the biggest and cutest one of the bunch." His favorite activity is taking a daily field run with Jim, and his unlikely favorite food is chicken marsala. Life is a party for Louie, who, Peg Goodson says, "insists on helping open presents by ripping off the wrapping paper" every birthday and Christmas. He enjoys the little things, too. If he had a motto for life, it would be: "Life is good as long as I am traveling to the Home Depot in the SUV."
Barbara Haddock Taylor, Baltimore Sun
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