Scene & Heard: Walters Art Museum Gala

The 2012 annual shindig at the Walters Art Museum had two parts: the more formal gala with a seated dinner in the galleries, followed by the looser dessert-and-dancing party. It also focused on two personalities: Gary Vikan and Elvis Presley. This was Vikan's last gala as the museum's director, after announcing he would retire in June 2013. As to Vikan's sharing the stage with The King: "If you've spent any time with Gary at all, you know that he is an absolute Elvis freak," said Tom Bozzuto, board member, as he arrived with wife Barbara Bozzuto, community volunteer. "So everywhere you look, you're going to see Elvis memorabilia and people dressed as Elvis." "If there's fewer than three Elvises, I'll be disappointed," Vikan said with a laugh.
Karen Jackson, for The Baltimore Sun
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