Why can't Alec, Leisha, Kevin and Gerard fly the friendly skies?

The Baltimore Sun

Note to airlines: Can you please stop kicking celebrities off your planes?

Alec Baldwin is the latest in a string of high-profile kerfuffles based on what to me - person who was not there - seems some very thin reasoning. And then there's:

-Country singer John Rich for allegedly being drunk on a 10:50 a.m. Southwest flight from Las Vegas to Nashville.

-Actress Leisha Hailey and her lesbian lover tossed off Southwest for kissing or cussing, depending on who you believe.

-LMFAO rapper Sky Blu removed from a flight because he reclined his seat (into Mitt Romney!) before takeoff.

-Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day for trying to board a Southwest flight wearing saggy pants.

-Director Kevin Smith because he's apparently too fat to fly on Southwest.

-French actor Gerard Depardieu for trying to go to the bathroom in his seat. (He shoulda been kicked off!)

Does it seem that airplanes are becoming more like police states where people with dubious motives sometimes wield unchecked authority? Most passengers have already surrendered their dignity to TSA before even getting on the plane. What is left for you to take? My Words With Friends? Nooooooo!

But seriously, are flight crews so empowered or so fragile that they can't - and don't - take a little guff from anyone? And isn't the plane still full of paying customers?

Already, American Airlines is saying that Baldwin was rude, used offensive language and then stormed off to the bathroom and slammed the door. OK, so he acted like a child. Have you seen what actual children do on an airplane?

American did allow Baldwin to take a later flight - after he finished his WWF game? I guess they essentially gave him a time out.

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