Chris Davis feeling better, says he should return Saturday

Orioles right fielder Chris Davis missed his second straight game Friday night, but he said he’s feeling much better from a right trapezius strain and was certain the injury wasn’t one that could place him on the disabled list.

Davis said he believes the pain came from making a diving catch on Wednesday in Seattle. He woke up Thursday with a stiff neck and made about 10 throws before batting practice before pain in his neck increased.

“It was just one of those things where the more I threw the worse it got,” Davis said.

But Davis said 24 hours has made a huge difference, and that he might have started on Friday if All-Star left-hander C.J. Wilson wasn’t starting for the Angels.  

“I just kind of landed funny,” Davis said. “I felt it a little bit during the game, but I didn’t think anything of it. I thought I was sore from diving. I feel a lot better today. My range of motion is back. It’s still painful, but as long as I can turn my head it’s the biggest thing. That’s obviously the way I look to hit. So I’m going to take BP today and I should be able to play tomorrow."

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