Ravens' Corey Graham recovering from stomach virus

Ravens starting cornerback

Corey Graham

said he's almost fully recovered from a stomach


that caused major nausea and sidelined him at practice Wednesday.

"It's coming along," Graham said. "It's nothing, just a stomach virus. I was throwing up all over the place. I  feel 10 times better than I did."

Meanwhile, cornerback

Chris Johnson

, who was out for the Ravens' 16-13 win over the

San Diego Chargers

due to a strained hamstring, returned to practice on a limited basis Wednesday.

Johnson had a key forced fumble against the

Pittsburgh Steelers

in a 13-10 win and hopes to return this week against the Steelers for Sunday's game at M&T Bank Stadium.

"I'm ready to go," Johnson said. "I'm ready to get back out there and contibute to the team anyway I can. I've played them before, I'm used to their scheme. I feel a lot better. Last week, I felt good, but we didn't want to go towards that way. I'm ready to go now."