Departing for Lhasa

April 1, 2000

The last few days have been exciting. Team members have trickled into Kathmandu from all corners of the globe. Each has brought enough gear to outfit a climbing store. Combined with the group gear, over 100 garbage can sized plastic barrels, brimming with gear, are stacked into a pyramid nearly as tall as Everest. We are now ready to depart.

The climbers and trekkers are headed to Lhasa, Tibet by plane. Our group will begin our process of acclimatsing, by visiting the famed sites of this ancient city. On April 4th, we will leave the city and set out across the Tibetan plateau in a fleet of jeeps.

Russell Brice and the Sherpas will be traveling overland with two trucks worth of equipment and food. At the Tibetan border, they will transfer the gear into four smaller trucks provided by the Tibetan Mountaineering Association, our hosts in Tibet. Their journey will take them up and onto the Tibetan plateau.

We will all meet up in the village of Tingri, the jumping off place for expeditions to Cho Oyu and Everest. On the 8th of April we will all gather at Base Camp.

As you can imagine we are excited and a bit apprehensive. Everyone knows that we are about to leave the comforts of Kathmandu, with its selection of restaurants, clean hotels with showers, and warmth.

Some cold nights await us.