Famous Baltimore sports villains

Hines Ward may be on his way out of Pittsburgh, but he won't soon be forgotten by Ravens fans. The Pittsburgh Steelers haven't made a decision yet on whether or not the wide receiver and his maddening, ever-present smile will be back in 2012, but here's a look at some other famous Baltimore sports villains. 

Robert Irsay -- Erratic owner who moved the beloved Baltimore Colts to Indianapolis under cover of darkness in March, 1984, breaking a city's heart.

Paul Tagliabue -- Cold-hearted NFL commissioner who bluntly suggested, in the wake of the Colts leaving town, that Baltimore should have built a museum rather than pine for a new pro football team.

Jeffrey Maier -- Bratty 12-year-old who reached over the fence and deflected Derek Jeter's fly ball into the stands in right field, preventing Tony Tarasco from making the catch during Game 1 of the 1996 American League Championship Series between the Orioles and New York Yankees. Umpire Rich Garcia ruled the ball a home run.

Rich Garcia -- Vision-impaired umpire who ruled incorrectly on the infamous "Jeffrey Maier home run ball." Garcia later viewed the replay and admitted Maier had interfered on the play.

Abe Pollin -- Money-hungry owner who moved the NBA's Baltimore Bullets to the soul-less Washington suburb of Landover in 1973, breaking a city's heart.

J.J. Redick -- Pouty-faced Duke guard and former ACC Player of the Year who inspired obscene chants and thrown water bottles from University of Maryland fans.

John Elway -- Me-first legendary Hall of Fame quarterback and No. 1 draft choice in 1983 who demanded to be traded rather than sign with the Baltimore Colts. He was dealt to the Denver Broncos.

Mark Teixeira -- Spoiled Severna Park native who spoke often of a desire to play for the Orioles, only to sign with the New York Yankees in 2008.

Ben Roethlisberger -- Alleged tough-guy Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and bar-room harrasser could replace Hines Ward as object of Ravens' fans' wrath. 

Joe Thomas -- Legend-sullying Baltimore Colts GM who dealt sainted Hall of Fame quarterback Johnny Unitas to the San Diego Chargers.