FastStich team wins $12,500 Collegiate Inventors Competition award

The team who created FastStitch,

, has won the 2012 Collegiate Inventors Competition. Their first-place award will give the team $12,500, and their faculty adviser,

Robert Allen

, will receive an additional $4,000.

FastStitch has already won more than $90,000 in grants and prizes and is shopping their product to venture capitalists via their start-up company,


Team member Daniel Peng said this was the most distinguished panel of judges the team had ever faced, including the inventors of angioplasty, a technique to widen arteries, and the first defibrillator, which shocks irregular hearts back into a normal rhythm.

"It was very humbling because all the teams there were very talented," Peng said. "At this point, we're just really happy to be able to tell people about it."