Gordon Ramsay's 'Kitchen Nightmares' heading back to Cafe Hon

It looks like the "Kitchen Nightmare" might not be over for Baltimore's Cafe Hon.

A producer for the show has been calling around town, looking to book people for what appears to be an episode that will check in on how the Hampden restaurant has fared since Chef Gordon Ramsay swooped in last year to help turn the place around.

"Kitchen Nightmares" visited the struggling Cafe Hon last fall. The plot surrounded the restaurant's sharp drop in reputation after news broke that owner Denise Whiting had trademarked the word "hon," a beloved Baltimore term of endearment.
Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay, known for his tough-love approach to restaurant rehab, parachuted into town to show Whiting the damage the trademark had caused and convinced her to end it. He also gave the cafe a cheerful makeover and made suggestions to modernize the menu.

The Cafe Hon episode originally aired in February, a tearful affair that signed off with Whiting achieving something close to redemption and people looking as if they were willing to give her and the cafe another shot.

It seems like Chef Ramsay might want to see if the turnaround had staying power.

Downtown Partnership spokesman Mike Evitts said a producer for "Kitchen Nightmares" contacted him Thursday, hoping he could be filmed when the show came back to town.

The producer, who didn't immediately return calls from The Sun, didn't mention to Evitts when the show would be coming back to town.