Reaction to Harrison's death

"I've known George forever and he's a really beautiful guy who I love dearly. He was a great guy, full of love for humanity. ... When I saw him last time he was obviously very unwell but he was cracking jokes like he always was, and he'll be sorely missed."
Former Beatle Paul McCartney

"His life was magical and we all felt we had shared a little bit of it by knowing him."
Yoko Ono, widow of former Beatle John Lennon

"He was a very lovable person. I would say he was the major cog in The Beatles at that time. He kept them together probably because of the calming effect he had."
Alan Williams, The Beatles' first manager

"George, always called the quiet Beatle, he never stopped talking when I was with him. He had an enormous number of friends who were terribly loyal to him, and will be very saddened."
Michael Palin of Monty Python's Flying Circus, who worked with Harrison to produce the film "Life of Brian"

"As he said himself, how do you compare with the genius of John and Paul? But he did, very well."
Bob Geldof, musician, activist and Harrison acquaintance who got advice from Harrison while organizing the "Live Aid" charity concert

"He triumphed, because on their final album his songs were the highlight."
Alan Clayson, Harrison's biographer

"I'm sure I speak for all Beatles fans when I say I'm absolutely heartbroken. Until now there has always been the hope of a reunion, perhaps with Julian Lennon standing in for his dad. It really is the end of a dream, the end of an era."
John Chambers, Liverpool Beatles Appreciation Society

"It's a sad day for rock and roll."
Pete Degan, 42, among the fans who gathered before dawn Friday at Strawberry Fields, a section of New York City's Central Park created in memory of John Lennon

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