Jacoby Jones makes the scene at Jimmy Kimmel Show, says he wants to be on Dancing With the Stars

Pro Bowl

return specialist and

Super Bowl


Jacoby Jones

held court early Friday morning on the

Jimmy Kimmel


Jones wore a Ravens bandanna around his forehead and dark sunglasses. Jones said he busted blood vessels in his eyes during the Super Bowl because he was yelling and celebrating so wildly.

He wore a black T-shirt and jeans.

"People, forgive my shades," Jones said. "I'm not being Hollywood. It was excitement. I busted a blood vessel in my eyes from excitement."

When Kimmel asked Jones if he was serious, Jones stared at the comedian and said seriously, "Look at my face."

When asked if he's been getting any sleep, Jones said: "I sleep, I'm going to get my sleep."

Jones set Super Bowl records with 290 total yards, including an


record tying 108-yard kickoff return that Kimmel showed on the program.

Kimmel said that Jones, not quarterback

Joe Flacco

, should have been named Super Bowl Most Valuable Player.

"The only thing I say is, 'Joe Flacco deserved it.'" Jones said. "What he's been through and did, look at the postseason with 11 touchdowns, no interceptions. Sweet."

Jones followed

Dr. Phil McGraw

on the guest list, which also included country singer

Tim McGraw


Before the kickoff return for a touchdown, where he eluded pursuit to reach the end zone untouched, Jones said he told defensive tackle

Bryan Hall

on the sideline that it was going to happen.

"Yeah, buddy," he said. "The funny thing is I sat next to Bryan Hall and then I told coach, 'Put that play in.' I said, 'Let's be aggressive. Let's do it.'"

Jones also caught a 56-yard touchdown pass against the


, dusting cornerback

Chris Culliver


Jones had three returns for touchdowns during the regular season.

Jones said it didn't bother him when there was a 35-minute power outage at the

Mercedes-Benz Superdome


"When the lights went out, I didn't care," Jones said. "I was tired. I was on the sidelines throwing up. Lights went out, I said, 'Yes.' Oh God, I was gagging."

Jones is a New Orleans native, a late bloomer from Abramson High School who went to Lane College after graduating high school at 5-foot-7, 160 pounds.

Kimmel showed a photograph of Jones' mother, popularly known as Mama Jones, making a huge pot of gumbo for the team.

"She made 150 plates," Jones said. "She made potato salad, macaroni and cheese with seven different cheeses, bread pudding."

Jones has a huge tattoo on his back depicting the city of New Orleans. He said he's going to add the

Vince Lombardi

trophy and a Ravens logo to the artwork on his back.

"I want to retire in Baltimore," said Jones, a former

Houston Texans

draft pick who signed a two-year, $7 million contract last spring. "I love it."

Jones, who's on the cover of

Sports Illustrated

this week, said he practices his touchdown dances regularly to perfect his move.

"I have my dances, I make 'em up," Jones said. "I do my dance. I see what my teammates think. I'll be in the mirror practicing."

At the end of his appearance, Jones was asked by Kimmel if he would like to be on


Dancing With the Stars.

Jone replied quickly: "Hey, man, do polar bears poo on ice? I hope they wouldn't do it in water. That's nasty. I'm ready, baby."