John Oliver hilariously shows how to foreclose on a bank

There's been a lot of bad news about the economy recently, but, luckily for us, John Oliver has some really awesome and hilarious news. 

On last night's "The Daily Show," Oliver documented the story of a Florida couple and a newbie lawyer who successfully fought back against a Bank of America branch that tried to foreclose on the couple's home. 

Long story short: Warren and Mauren Nyerges paid for their home in cash -- meaning they had no mortgage -- but that didn't stop Bank of America from trying to foreclose on their house. The couple took the bank to court, won, and the judge ordered the bank to pay their legal fees. When the bank failed to pay, the couple got a order from the sheriff's office and Foreclosed. On. The. Bank. 

I know: Awesome, right? 

Well, John Oliver took it a step further and turned the whole situation into a movie trailer. Get ready for five minutes of justice. And awesomeness.  


The Daily Show - The Forecloser
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