Sun coverage: Ex-city councilman killed

Coverage of the fatal shooting of former Baltimore City councilman Kenneth N. Harris Sr., 45, outside the New Haven Lounge during an apparent robbery.

Woman with Harris on night he died was 'terrified' of gunman

First day of trial in the killing of Kenneth N. Harris. The woman who was with him on the night he was killed said in court today that she was "terrified" when a man in a white Halloween mask walked up to the car they were sitting in and fired a shot.

Judge decides DNA evidence to be admitted in Harris murder trial

Over the strenuous objections of a defense lawyer, a Baltimore Circuit Court judge ruled to admit DNA evidence in the trial of three men accused of killing former City Council member Kenneth N. Harris.

No bail for teenager in Harris killing

Key evidence in Harris killing might be excluded

Gag order sought in Harris killing case

Key DNA evidence found in the killing of Harris

Councilwoman wants accounting from city police

Income up, study says

Gun that killed Harris tied to Jan. case

Police say video images might show Harris' killers