Jah Works

Hometown: Baltimore

Current Members: Kevin Gorman, guitar; Brian Gorman, keyboards; Mike Hamilton, bass; Eric Vincent, percussion and samples; Scott Paynter, lead vocals; Natty Roc, saxophone and vocals; Jonathan Pang, drums.

Founded in: 1993

Style: reggae

Influenced by: Bob Marley, Burning Spear, the Clash and Thievery Corporation.

Notable: Though this Baltimore act has been a staple in the East Coast reggae scene for more than a decade, it was only recently given a chance to share its talent with a European audience. The band returned from a successful tour of the Netherlands last November.

Quotable: Kevin Gorman on how the veteran musicians have managed to stick with it for 11 years: "Some of the harder things to get through are when you get your hopes up about an opportunity ... and then things fall through. But you have to pick yourself up and get where you want to go. You just have to explore every opportunity that comes your way. [We realize that] the music is [at] the heart of all of it. That the thing that helps you get through is the next song you [write] and the vibe you get."

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--Sarah Schaffer