The Richard Walton Group

Hometown: Ellicott City

Current members: Eric Robertson, drums; Andrew Davidsen, lead electric guitar; Jacob Yoffee, saxophone; David Meer, electric, acoustic and bass guitars; Mitchell Shaivitz, percussion; Richard Walton, bass and acoustic guitars.

Founded in: 1990

Style: Blend of jazz, rock and Latin instrumental music.

Influenced by: Pat Metheny, Steely Dan, Sonny Rollins, Antonio Carlos Jobim, the Beatles

Notable: All band members help compose music. They are an instrumental band, but they do some chants.

Quotable: Richard Walton on the band's material: "Everything we do is original. I think there is only a handful of bands around doing all original music. We could do four sets -- that is four 40-minute sets -- of all original music. We all write together as a unit."

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-- Annie Linskey