Maldonado-Canales family

Shown are members of the Maldonado-Canales family, refugees from El Salvador. One son, Santos (black shirt) received asylum last year. Just last month his mom Maria and older brother Pablo (white button-dwon shirt) received asylum as well. However, unlike Santos's case, the U.S. government is appealing their asylum grant. So they're in limbo, together in a Maryland Suburb (they don't want location disclosed), but living with the possibility that Maria and Pablo could one day be sent back to El Salvador, where gangsters killed a third son, Jose Ever, and threatened others in the family (hence they're flight to the U.S.). Their father, also named Pablo, (cap) came to Maryland over a decade ago, legally, to work. Also shown is their immigration attorney, Azim Chowdhury (suit).
Baltimore Sun photo by Gene Sweeney Jr.
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