Feb. 22: Our own Oscars

Oscars comedy: Let's not take the Academy Awards too seriously

We could ask "who will win?" But we'd rather ask a panel of funny folks -- including the likes of "Happy Endings" star Casey Wilson and

"Chelsea Lately"

writer Sarah Colonna -- who should win an Academy Award this year. You may or may not agree, but you'll certainly laugh.

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The Oscars are serious -- important people making important, relevant, thought-provoking movies about race, marital relations, horses and

Owen Wilson

seeing dead Parisians. The dresses and jewelry are beyond fancy. The tuxes are bespoke.

Sidney Poitier


Steven Spielberg

are usually there. Serious stuff.


Except this year,

Melissa McCarthy

is nominated for s---ting in a sink.

Nothing against McCarthy; she's hilarious. But in honor of her garnering the rare Oscar-considers-a-comedy-a-real-film nomination, we decided to do our annual Oscar predictions panel a bit differently. This year, we enlisted some of our favorite funny people to give their picks for who they think should win in the major categories when the Oscars are handed out at 8:30 p.m. Sunday (WMAR/ABC). Forget the actual quality of the performance, the awards won leading up to the ceremony ... you know, who deserves it the most. We asked them to go with their irreverently random gut.

And, really, all we wanted to possibly do is make

Rooney Mara

crack a smile.

-- Jordan Bartel