The Nitty Gritty on Fells Point

(For the Fells Point Historic District): Aliceanna Street to the north, Wolfe Street to the east, the Inner Harbor to the south, and Dallas Street to the west

The City Recreation Pier in Fells Point was home to the television series "Homicide." (Photo by Jessica M. Garrett, Special to SunSpot)

High points:
Bargain breakfasts at Jimmy's, The Broadway Markets' fresh aromas and good deals, storybook tugboats docked next to the City Recreation Pier (former home of "Homicide"), Hello Kitty gear at Trixie's Palace and mussels galore at Bertha's.

Closest resemblance to New York's Greenwich Village:
The Halloween Parade scene, except instead of drag queens in full regalia, we get frat boys in diapers. Also, "brother, can you spare a dime" types who are more persistent than their Village counterparts.

Former residents:
North Pole explorer Matthew Henson developed his love for adventure as a cabin boy and a seaman, chromite discoverer Isaac Tyson, Jr. opened The Baltimore Chrome Works and abolitionist Frederick Douglass lived in Fells Point as a slave.

Places of worship:
21 churches, representing Catholic, Baptist, Evangelical, Russian Orthodox and Apostolic denominations

The Sound Garden features a selection of vinyl in addition to a variety of CDs. (Photo by Jessica M. Garrett, Special to SunSpot)

Number of taverns and bars:
Close to 70 (more per mile than anywhere else in the U.S.)

Number of antique stores:
More than 20

Round up
Best romantic spot:
The Pier by Brown's Wharf

Best place to relive your childhood:
aMuse where you can find retro toys, educational toys and creativity-inducing craft kits.

Best place to support your local craftsperson:
The Baltimore Exchange Co. features home goods, jewelry and accessories made by local artisans.

Best place to kneel to the John Waters shrine:
Flashback celebrates all things John Waters and Baltimore. Think pink flamingos, hairspray and Divine.

Best place to hear live bands:

Best places for those with an urge to scratch, mix and spin:
The Sound Garden has an enormous selection of used CDs and vinyl while Reptilian Records maintains a more hardcore, punk collection.

Best places to learn to be a hipper-than-thou scenester:
Trixie's Palace has everything from rhinestone-studded sunglasses to glitter-accented T-shirts, and 9th Life offers '70s TV show T-shirts and Japanese-inspired vinyl wallets.

The water taxi is a cheap and convenient way to get from Fells Point to the Inner Harbor. (Photo by Jessica M. Garrett, Special to SunSpot)

Best happy hour:
The Wharf Rat's three beers for $3 everyday

Best place to uncover a good mystery:
Mystery Loves Company, a bookstore specializing in all things mysterious, suspenseful and thrilling.

Best way to get free stuff:
Take the water taxi (price of admission includes a sheet of useful coupons).

Bumper sticker to live by:
Eat Bertha's Mussels

Places we'll miss:
The China Sea Marine Trading Co., Parrot Island, Bohager's, JD Squeeze and the old Daily Grind