Hot beach gear: Zinka sun block nosecoats in rainbow of colors

Skin protection is of the utmost importance during summer, whether you're on the beach or by the pool. Although it's a bit cooler at the shore and you may escape the really scorching heat, you can't be too careful. There are plenty of options for sunscreen in many different SPFs,


and UVB protections, but if you really want to accent your vacation with a little color, try Zinka sunblock.

Now I understand that being protected from the sun is not about looking cool, but you can look cool and still protect your skin by rocking Zinka, a zinc oxide sunblock that comes in 10 different colors. For those you have never seen Zinka or think they haven’t, recall any of the lifeguards or surfers you’ve seen over the years with a paste on their noses that never really goes away. They were probably using a form of zinc oxide sunblock.

Zinka offers its Colored Nosecoats in a variety of colors, ranging from plain white all the way to hot pink. These sunblocks shield your face and allow you to have a little fun in the process.

Zinka is very water resistant and gets the job done with a little flare as well. If you are looking to make more of a statement than usual with your sun protection, give any one of the many colors of Zinka Colored Nosecoats a try. And it doesn't just have to go on your nose, you can be creative! Think of it as face paint for the beach and the kids will love it. Also check out Zinka's other skin protection products, including clear sunscreens and lip balms.

Zinka products can be purchased at Endless Summer Surf Shop on 37th Street and Coastal Highway in Ocean City.