Some Nick Swisher thoughts and a primer for Day 3

I know a lot of you out there are not digesting the news of

Nick Swisher

as a potential Oriole particularly well.

His griping and guffawing rub some people the wrong way, in other dugouts and in the stands throughout baseball.


But the guy probably is the best fit position-wise and skills-wise for the Orioles in the free-agent market. He can play first base -- and is solid there -- or the outfield. He is a switch-hitter who gets on base and has hit 21 or more homers in eight straight seasons. Only seven other guys have such a streak. He's also one of seven to play at least 145 games in each of the last seven seasons.

Perhaps more impressive, only four players have hit 20 homers, driven in at least 80 RBIs, have 30 or more doubles and posted a .800 or higher on-base-plus slugging percentage in each of the last four seasons. They are

Robinson Cano


Miguel Cabrera


Ryan Braun

and Swisher.


Fans that don't like Swisher, regardless of his consistent numbers, probably don't have to worry though. The Orioles aren't looking for a big-ticket free agent. And given what some of these lesser free-agent outfielders have received --

Shane Victorino

got three years, $39 million from the

Boston Red Sox

and the

San Francisco Giants


Angel Pagan

for four years and $40 million -- Swisher is in line for a huge payday.

I can't see it working financially for the Orioles, but on the field, it's a great fit. And, in the clubhouse, I think it would be fine, too. The Orioles' leaders, with the exception of

Adam Jones

, are pretty quiet and laid back. They'd probably be amused by Swisher's bombastic personality.

Now we've got that out of the way, I'd say stay tuned today.

The third and penultimate day is usually the busiest at the winter meetings. And there are so many free-agent names and potential trades rolling around that a couple are bound to stick.

Will the Orioles be involved in something today?

I don't think they grab a major headline, but they could make a lesser move. We'll see.