Peep Pot Pie

WINNER: MOST CREATIVE Ingredients: 2 boxes of vanilla instant pudding; make according to the directions (needs milk) 1 prepared graham cracker crust Colored Peeps: see what you can find or use substitute candy ideas 1/4 cup Yellow Peeps - Corn, 1/2 inch dice 1/4 cup Green Peeps - Peas, 1/2 inch dice 1/4 cup Orange Peeps - Carrots, 1/2 inch dice 1/4 cup White Peeps- Potatoes or Cauliflower or Chicken, 1/2 inch dice Or substitute with Jelly Beans and diced Orange Circus Peanuts 1 package prepared pound cake (usually found in frozen section of food store. Be sure to thaw before use), 1/4 inch slices Bunny Peep to use as a garnish (optional) - or any other Peep 12 ounce butterscotch chips 1/3 cup light corn syrup 3-5 tablespoons flour, plus extra to flour cutting board Directions: In mixing bowl, add prepared vanilla pudding. Stir in diced Peeps (and other candies/cakes), or you can layer candies-pudding-candies-pudding-candies. Slice pound cake and put one layer on top of the prepared graham cracker crust. Pour pudding/candy mixture into prepared graham cracker crust on top of the Pound Cake. Set Peep Pot Pie in refrigerator to set (per pudding instructions). Meanwhile, prepare the top lattice crust by melting the butterscotch chips in microwave (stopping every 15-20 seconds to stir). Keep warming until it is a smooth consistency. Mix in the corn syrup into the melted butterscotch. Let mixture sit in bowl to cool (about 1 hour). Mix in 3 tablespoons of the flour and stir. You can then try to handle and work the dough like Play-Doh. Add more flour if still too sticky to handle. On a floured cutting board, roll out the dough. Using knife, pizza cutter or pastry cutter, cut 1-inch strips. (Tip: the dough might look too white once you add the flour but if you keep handling the dough the butterscotch color comes through). Remove Peep Pot Pie from refrigerator. Place the butterscotch strips on top of pie and weave to create lattice look (see picture). Garnish with Peep of your choice. There will also be plenty of leftover Peeps, candies and cake for other projects and eating.
Anna Lawson, age 11, 6th grader at Folly Quarter Middle School, Western Howard County
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