Max Moog, Polar Bear Plunger

We have a profound respect for those who participate in the Polar Bear Plunge. Not only do they raise money for Special Olympics Maryland, but they do so by dunking into the chills-inducing waters of the Chesapeake Bay. These people are the real heroes. So before Saturday's Plunge in Annapolis, we caught up with Hampden resident Max Moog, who plunged this year for the second time. The 30-year-old financial controller and full-time student at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School, braved the freezing waters with his eight-man team, The Andrew Simons Experience. Worst pet peeve? Drivers who don't do the traditional "wave" to say "Hey, thanks for letting me over" in traffic. On the same note, the drivers who do it with so much enthusiasm that they almost cause a three car pile-up. Sorry, Mom. I've been meaning to have an intervention with you about that. What's the coldest you've ever been?The Ravens-Texans game. I told my fiancé I was a "man" and I didn't need a jacket or gloves. I was terribly wrong. It will be months, maybe years before I stop hearing about it. Read more about Max here.
Max Moog
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