Loring Cornish, mosaic artist

With a few shards of glass, tile and other discarded bits, Loring Cornish can re-create his world into a shimmering mosaic wonderland. After growing up in Reservoir Hill and studying at Morgan State University, he has established himself as an artist, though not one who's conventionally trained. His distinct style and passion for mosaics is always visible-- his own two rowhouses in Reservoir Hill are covered with multi-colored tiles and glass shards. Cornish's work has appeared in shows and museums across the country, including the American Visionary Art Museum and the Jewish Museum of Maryland. Selections from his exhibit "In Each Other's Shoes" are being displayed at the Banneker-Douglass Museum in Annapolis. Favorite museum or gallery?I have a lot of favorite museums including the American Visionary Art Museum, The Reginald F. Lewis Museum, the Jewish Museum of Maryland and Banneker-Douglass in Annapolis. Favorite art style/period in art history?1960s. It was an interesting decade in style. Read more about Loring here.
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