Browns 'more than likely' to start Seneca Wallace at QB

Seneca Wallace

will "more than likely" be the starting quarterback again for


in Baltimore.

Twelve days after the Browns lost in Pittsburgh, 14-3, the effects of that game are still reverberating -- in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, in the

AFC North

and throughout the NFL.

Colt McCoy

still has not returned to regular work since suffering a concussion on the helmet-to-facemask hit by Pittsburgh linebacker

James Harrison

on Dec. 8. That means Seneca Wallace will make his second straight start Saturday in Baltimore.

Further, the NFL is instituting new procedures to help prevent teams from unknowingly playing players after a concussion. The guidelines include having an independent athletic trainer watch in the press box to monitor whether a player needs to be tested for a concussion.



didn't come out unscathed from that brutal slugfest, either.

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