Ravens, Jaguars dine together at Sullivan's Steakhouse

Seems that before a big game, the Ravens would be thinking about eating their opponents not eating



But hey, it's pre-season.

The folks at

report that the two teams dined at the

Inner Harbor

restaurant last night, side-by-side, bulky bicep to bulky bicep. Sullivan's is apparently a big Ravens hangout.

About 30 Ravens players were there and about 20 Jaguars, they say.

In the black and purple, there was

Haloti Ngata


Ray Lewis


Ray Rice

, who apparently likes to order the same Sullivan's dish before every game -- the salmon.

The Jaguars included quarterback

Blaine Gabbert

, tight end

Marcedes Lewis

and wide receiver

Justin Blackmon


"Fans who saw the two teams at the restaurant said all the players were sitting together and having a great time," says the restaurant's spokeswoman Lani Kopstein.

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