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TMZ says Chris McAlister is 'broke as a joke' By Matt Vensel -- Sept. 15, 2011 I'm going to act like writing about something like this is below me, even though you and I both know that it isn't, but according to a report by TMZ, former Ravens cornerback and "former NFL bad ass" Chris McAlister has claimed that he is "BROKE AS A JOKE and living with his parents." Those are TMZ's words, not mine. According to the report, McAlister, 34, is currently in a court battle with his ex-wife, Marlene, over child support money. TMZ reported that in official court documents, the former Pro Bowl cornerback claimed, "I have been unemployed since 2009. I have no income." McAlister reportedly added: "I live in my parentsÂ’ home. My parents provide me with my basic living expenses as I do not have the funds to do so." Click here to read the rest of this article.
Baltimore Sun photo by Kenneth K. Lam
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