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Speculating on Dylan Bundy and other possible Orioles September call-ups



are in such a strange position right now that it’s hard to predict what they’ll do in several areas.

One is September call-ups.


Buck Showalter

isn’t showing his hand. It’s obvious he would love to have super prospect

Dylan Bundy

at his disposal next month.

The 19-year-old Bundy pitches Sunday for Double-A Bowie, and, honestly, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that if the Orioles are still in the race – and they’d have to absolutely collapse not to be by next week – Bundy will be here.

Not sure how much he’ll pitch, but he’s on the 40-man roster, so bringing him up does nothing to his free-agent clock or his options.

Without mentioning names, Showalter was asked Friday if there was anybody specifically he was thinking about bringing up. The intent – Bundy – was obvious.

And this is what Showalter said: “Um, we’re considering all options. I think I know where you’re going, and rightly so.”

Keep in mind, Showalter often talks about when

Derek Jeter

joined the

New York Yankees

in 1995 and how Jeter always said that experience made him assume pennant races were supposed to happen every year. That is the attitude Showalter is trying to foster here. And Bundy, like Manny Machado who is already here, is considered a special talent, like Jeter was in 1995.

Besides Bundy, there are seven guys on the 40-man roster that seem to be likely call-ups based on previous experience this year in Baltimore: Pitchers

Jake Arrieta


Jason Berken


Tommy Hunter

, catcher

Luis Exposito

, infielders

Joe Mahoney


Steve Tolleson

and outfielder

Xavier Avery


There are five more who have been with the Orioles in 2012 and could get called up, though there would have to be room made on the 40-man roster: lefties

Zach Phillips


Dana Eveland

, outfielders

Endy Chavez


Bill Hall

and catcher

Ronny Paulino


Phillips seems like an obvious addition, since

Brian Matusz

is now the only lefty in the bullpen. It’d be a surprise if Chavez wasn’t added, too. He is a clutch defender and baserunner. I’m not so sure about the others.

Then there’s outfielder L.J. Hoes, who likely will win the club’s minor league hitter of the year award this season. He’d be nice to have up, but he isn’t on the 40-man.

And there doesn’t seem to be a lot of 40-man roster maneuverability. Only

Oliver Drake


Ryan Adams

seem like they are vulnerable. After that, the moves aren’t as obvious.

Showalter said Friday that the club is not afraid to add people that can help them, even if those players aren’t on the 40-man roster. Executive vice president Dan Duquette has shown a tendency to cut bait quickly if it means bettering the team now.

So, separate from the play on the field, this could be an interesting next 10 days or so, roster-wise.