Steve Bisciotti wishes Ravens' prime-time games were spread out more

In April, when the


released its 2012 schedule, the


learned they would be hosting their first “Monday Night Football” home game at M&T Bank Stadium since December 2007 in their season opener against the

Cincinnati Bengals

. The Ravens will also host primetime games in Week 3 (Sunday night against the

New England Patriots

) and Week 4 (Thursday night against the

Cleveland Browns

) at M&T Bank Stadium.

Ravens owner

Steve Bisciotti

is excited by the return of “Monday Night Football” to Baltimore. But on Friday,

, Bisciotti expressed disappointment with the NFL front-loading those primetime home games into the first month of the season.


“I’ve complained enough that I knew it was coming. They did their best,” Bisciotti told

The Baltimore Sun

when asked about the city getting its first Monday night home game in the

John Harbaugh

era. “I’m a little disappointed that our three home national games are in Weeks 1, 3 and 4, or something like that, but it was quirky and they called and apologized and said it was what it was because there are three different networks.”

Bisciotti also pointed out that the Ravens could potentially add another Sunday night game in the second half of the season because of the flex scheduling. They will be flex candidates if they are contenders again.

But at least Bisciotti, clad in a purple sport coat as he held court with Under Armour founder and CEO and

Kevin Plank

, was able to a silver lining for hosting those three primetime games in the month of September.

“It will be an exciting way to start the season, but I certainly wish those three prime-time games had been spread out a little,” Bisciotti said. “But from the weather standpoint, it will be nice because it’s the hottest time of year we’re going to get evening games as opposed to getting evening games in December.”