Tandon Doss focused on improving special teams play

Tandon Doss may have been disappointed by the Ravens’ decision to deactivate him for Sunday’s 35-7 thumping of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the rookie wide receiver didn’t let those feelings show in the team’s locker room after the game.

“You never know what’s going to happen,” he said. “You’ve got to stay up and do the best you can. That was out of my control. They said they wanted me out there, but I have to step it up on special teams and hopefully, my chance will come.”

Doss, the organization’s fourth-round pick in the NFL draft in April, was considered a candidate for the No. 3 receiver role, but fellow rookie LaQuan Williams, an undrafted free agent, offers more on special teams than Doss does.

Doss, who simulated Pittsburgh wide receiver Mike Wallace for the scout team during practices last week, said he’s got plenty of motivation to improve his ability on special teams and become a member of the team’s 45-man gameday roster.

“Of course it does,” Doss said of having motivation. “Whenever my chance to play comes, I’m hoping I’ll take it.”

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