Teen girls can't get enough Michael Phelps

Teenage girls have

Justin Bieber

and Robert Pattinson but apparently they save at least some of their screams for

Michael Phelps


In an interview with Forbes, Subway executives say their partnership with the Olympian has been quite valuable, showing particular traction with the bubblegum set.

“We do a pretty good job of tracking how the general public responds to certain people," Subway's Chief Marketing Officer Tony Pace told Forbes this week. "All of Michael’s ratings have been high for a very long time.  I’m sure Michael wouldn’t want me to say this, but he’s very popular with teenage girls."

We bet he wouldn't mind.


Pace told Forbes that since the 2008 Olympics, Phelps has starred in at least 30 commercials touting the company's subs. His most recent one (

) stars his mom.

Of all of Subway's "Famous Fans," Phelps is easily the most famous.


There was also a special marketing effort where Subway bought up Baltimore billboard space to show off Phelps wearing a Ray Lewis jersey.

On the same topic, interesting bit on Olympic sponsorships from


. Because Subway isn't an official Olympic sponsor, NPR reports, the ads cannot run from July 18 to Aug. 15. But, NPR points out, Phelps' Head & Shoulders can stay in circulation because parent company Procter & Gamble does sponsor the games.


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